Upcoming Tastings

Upcoming Tastings for The Lash:

1. Hudson Valley Food & Wine Festival
Rhineback, NY at Dutchess County Fairgrounds – Sept 11 (12- 6) & Sept 12 (12-5)

2. NY Ministry of Rum Festival at Papillon Bistro – Sept. 20 (5-9pm)

3. Upcoming Tastings at Viscount in Wappingers Falls, NY

October 30th from 12-4
November 20th from 12-4
November 24th from 3-7
December 18 & 19 from 12-5 both days
December 22 from 4-8

4. Turn The Corner event at the Edison Ballroom in NYC on Nov 3rd from 6-10pm

5. Taste of the Hudson Valley event on November 7th. – time & location to be announced

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2 Responses to Upcoming Tastings

  1. Paul Joseph Morin says:

    Any chance of this being distributed in California? I just moved out here from the east coast port town of Salem, Ma and I can’t find this anywhere. This rum just what I am looking for to add to my collection and I am sure that my friends from the Salem Pirate Museum would be interested to try it. Real spiced rum for real pirates.

  2. Cynthia Gastel says:

    I love The Lash! Where can I find it? Arlington Heights Illinois

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