The Lash

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  1. markus says:


    where can i get the rum in gemany any ideas.?

    king regards


  2. Travis says:

    I am interested in distributing your product in Colorado

  3. David Warner says:

    Where might I find this in the Houston, Texas vicinity?

  4. Bob says:

    You can’t get the Rum in gemany!

  5. Heather Brougham says:

    I am with Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Control. I have a customer interested in The Lash spiced rum. Would you or your broker please contact me. Thanks, HB

  6. Dick Jones says:

    When can I buy or order the rum,
    I live in Missouri

  7. Ryan says:

    Hey, I found this review at So I followed it here. Great commercials. I know the site I was at is a Utah based site, how can I get some of this? Do you distribute here at all? Plans to?


  8. Dear Sirs,

    We are rum consultants, authors and publishers of “Got Rum?” magazine (a monthly publication). We would be delighted to review your rum in our “Angel’s Share” section of our magazine. Please visit our website and download our magazines for free to review. We would love to share your product with our readers.

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    If you would like your rum reviewed in one of our upcoming issues, please send us your product to the following address:
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  9. Eric says:

    Hi, I just saw and tasted your fantastic rum at the Madison, WI Food and Wine Show! Loved it! VERY spiced, very smooth. Who’s your distributor around the Madison area? I’d love to pick a bottle or two up!

  10. scott says:

    looking for your rum in ri and couldn’t find any left , went to 15 liqour stores 3 of which i used to get it from and now they are out, wonder if you have any ideas the stores said the distributor was out

  11. Anushka says:

    dear sir,

    our store like to get some of the lash spiced rum for sale. do you have any distributors in Washington DC , USA area that distribute this product? If do please give me their contact information.

    thanks you.


  12. Laura says:

    looking for a distributor in the Chicago, Illinois USA area please, can call me at 847-368-9170, will be in on tuesday 4-10-12

  13. I was sent a bottle of this to review and I have been putting it through the ringer. The short summation of the review:

    Amazing. The best spiced rum I have ever had.

    It was a hit with absolutely everyone who has tried it. I am sad that it is not available in CA yet. It would be my standard spiced rum in my collection and I don’t think I would stray. Apparently CA distribution is in the works and I am biting my nails, hoping that I will be able to get another bottle before my first one runs out.

  14. Ruben Storm says:


    Can you tell me if you have any Australian distributors? I have a liquor store in Western Australia and am interested in stocking your products.

    Kind regards,

    Ruben Storm

  15. BuyRite Wanaque says:

    Who is the distributor for Lash Rum in NewJersey, USA.

  16. Paul Power says:

    Do you have representation in northern New England? I am responsible for our spirit portfolio in Manie, NH & VT. Porduct looks very interesting!

    Paul Power
    VP Spirits Horizon Beverage
    maine/New Hampshire/Vermont

  17. I live in Iowa, USA. Where is the closest outlet to purchase product?

  18. Melanie Jackson says:

    How can I contact the company?

  19. Jim says:

    Is this rum still available? I live in Atlanta, GA and would like to buy some.

  20. Is it named after The Pogues’s Rum, Sodomy & The Lash? Or Hans Turley’s book by the same title?

  21. ps says:

    Hello. I am a Chicagoland retailer who would like to carry your product, but I can’t locate a distributor. Please help.

  22. Kim says:

    Do you sell Lash online?
    How many carbs in this rum?
    Who are your distributors in western New York?

  23. Joseph lewis says:

    Where can I find the lash in the Salem Ma 01970 US area ?
    Thank you in advance Joe.

  24. Lee Samaie says:

    Can I get The Lash in Texas?

  25. Amanda says:

    Can you buy The Lash in Canada??? We need it!!! Yummy

  26. Trev says:

    Any chance of picking this up from Australia? Ideally in Melbourne?

  27. Jose says:

    Hello. I am a New Yorker retailer who would like to carry your product, but I can’t locate a distributor. Please help. Thanks

  28. Scott says:

    Is this coming into Australia?

    If so who is distributing it?

  29. ATTN: Marketing,

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  30. Gerry Jarosinski says:

    Are you looking for a distributor in Canada?

  31. Linda Thomas says:

    Who distributes it in Milwaukee, Wi and to what stores? There was one (Rays Liquor) and it no longer has a distributor to get it from. Why is it so hard to find without buying online with shipping? I love the rum.

  32. Kerry Adams says:

    I had the chance to try this product while I was in Edmonton, Canada. I’m really not a rum drinker but I find myself searching stores in my area for “The Lash”. I can’t find anyone in the greater Halifax, Nova Scotia area who stocks your rum but I’m hoping that this will change very soon. Is there anything that you can tell me on the subject please???

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